Coffee Products

Midwest Juice Coffee Program

Our coffee is delivered with great service:

  • Equipment and installation at no charge to customer.
  • Clean and service equipment on a weekly/biweekly basis.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency service.

All of our ground coffee is 100% Colombian.

Great Tasting Coffee with No Hassles!


Package Details


  • Package size 1.5oz - 8.5oz
  • Regular & Decaf
  • Flavored Coffee Available


Liquid Coffee / Hot Chocolate

  • Shelf stable - no thawing or refrigeration.

Item / Blend

Package / Size


100% Colombian

Regular & Decaf

 1-Gallon Box


Regular & Decaf

 1-Gallon Box

Hot Chocolate

4-1 Gallon Boxes

 4-1 Gallon Case



If you have any questions about our Coffee Service Program, please feel free to give us a call at 616-774-6832


BUNN CWTF Coffee Brewer

Perfect for small areas. Brew 12 cups of premium coffee in under 3 minutes. Can be hooked up directly to a water source or used as a pour over unit for even more options.
This style also comes with a variety of burner options.

Uses 1.5 oz bag coffee

Bunn CoffeeBunn

BUNN Dual Coffee Brewer

This unit hooks directly to a water line and brews 1.5 gallons of coffee per side. Selector switch also allows for the options to brew .5, 1, or 1.5 gallons.
Coffee dispensers are portable and can be used on satellite warmers for portability.

Uses 4.25 oz bag coffee.

Dual burner

BUNN LCA Liquid Coffee Dispenser

If you're looking for a quality coffee, on demand, this unit is perfect. No need to wait for your coffee to finish brewing, this liquid machine uses a liquid coffee syrup.
Products for this machine are shelf stable and NOT FROZEN.
No coffee filters or grounds to deal with.
Units are great for counter top displays where brewing is not optimal.

On demand by the cup or carafe. No need to brew a whole pot when you just need one cup.

LCA Burner

BUNN URN & SRU Coffee Brewers

These two units are perfect for high production kitchens. When you need to dispense gallons of coffee each meal time, the URN and SRU units are the best choice.
The big unit called the URN, brews 3 gallons of coffee each time and can hold a maximum of 6 gallons at one time.
The URN’s little brother is the SRU and can brew and store 3 gallons of coffee at a time.
Now if your thinking it will take forever to brew that much coffee, these two units are fast!

Also comes with a switch to only brew half batches, when production needs drop.

Both use the 8.5 oz bag coffee.

SRU BurnerURN Burner