Midwest Juice Inc. is the only beverage distributor in Michigan to offer a weekly cleaning and maintenance program with your product delivery. All delivery personnel are factory trained, enabling us to handle most service concerns at the time of delivery.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dispensing equipment and installation at no charge.
  • Delivery / service personnel will rotate stock.
  • Beverage systems are cleaned and checked with each delivery.

You can expect:

  • No charge 24 hour emergency service response.
  • All delivery personnel are factory trained service technicians.
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, preventive maintenance and repairs are all part of the Midwest Juice service plan.

Staff training on our beverage system:

  • We will schedule an "in service" session with your staff. The "in service" session will include training on products and beverage dispensing equipment.
  • Learn the benefits and usage of our products to serve the best possible product.

  The Midwest Juice Service Plan

  1. WE deliver juice and clean the equipment on a scheduled weekly/biweekly delivery day.
  2. WE call you before your delivery day to confirm your order or you can order online.
  3. WE sanitize the system and lines every 90 days, ensuring that the safest product possible is being dispensed.
  4. WE change the water filter every 6 months, ensuring the best tasting juice possible.
  5. WE have a 24-hour phone number to handle all emergencies that may arise, ensuring that your juice product will always be available when needed.
  6. WE rotate your stock to ensure the First In First Out(FIFO).