Soda Products


Traverse City Michigan

One of the newest additions to our product offerings is a true Made in Michigan success story. Northwoods Soda has been creating custom, hand crafted soda syrup in the Grand Traverse area for over 20 years. Bill Fosdick, company founder, moved his operation to a 12-acre location in Williamsburg, MI in 1988. Currently, his wife and four children are all involved in making Northwoods Soda a popular soda syrup choice across most of Michigan.

We decided to add Northwoods Soda to our line of products because quality has always been at the heart of their products. They do not cut corners with less expensive ingredients and many of their flavors are available in sugar-free. Their company size and efficiency allows them to do this at a price that can compete with many of the national brand sodas.

If you haven't tried 100% Cane Sugar Soda...You should!!

100% Cane Sugar and Corn Syrup Flavors:

  • Cola
  • Wild Bills Root Beer
  • Black Cherry Cream Soda
  • Orange Cream Soda
  • Sparkle Up
  • Ginger Ale
  • Watusee Citrus Soda
  • Perfect Tonic
  • Bar Sour


Northwoods Soda is available in a smorgasbord of flavors. All of their sodas can be made with 100% cane sugar. If these soda flavors aren't enough to quench your thirst, ask your Midwest Juice representative about custom soda flavors available from Northwoods Soda.

*Cases of bottled products are also available.